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“In our world surrounded by colours and their intensity, ubiquity of adverts on the streets which are screaming to us looking for our attention I have found the smoothing effect in monochromatic photography. Black and white gives me an aesthetic feelings of simplicity and also gives me opportunity  to discover  the way to connect with people who are sensitive for beauty, emotions, sexuality without being distracted by colours.
I believe  that I can run away from systemised world to the world of the imagination to reveal my true colours.
This is my world, my reality, my dreams free from conscious control of shapes and thoughts”.
Damian Wojcik lives in London. He is a contemporary artist
who is specializing in black and white photography resembling graphic works.
Damian Wojcik’s style evolved under strong influence of street art
in which Damian Wojcik was involved for over 10 years
as well as through years of studying Graphic Arts
at the University of Silesia in Poland
where he graduated with an MA.

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